• Court reporting services available in our office and throughout the Chicago area

  • 24/7 online scheduling with email confirmation

  • In-house conference room

  • Same day, daily copy, expedited transcript delivery available

  • Rough Draft transcript available (Additional cost)
  • Word concordance included with all transcripts at no charge

  • Real-Time Reporting available upon request

  • Video Conferencing and Audio Conferencing Solutions


  • Depositions
  • Arbitrations
  • Court: Motions, Hearings, Trials
  • Board of Directors Meetings
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Railroad Investigations

Railroad Investigations: We are not only knowledgeable with the industry-specific terminology, but are also familiar with the union contracts and their requirements for timely decisions.


  • Deposition Videotaping
  • Video Synchronization


  • Transcription of CDs, Audiotapes and Videotapes
  • Online Scheduling
  • Real-Time Reporting (Additional per page charge)

Real-Time Reporting: Technology enables court reporters to instantly convert their steno notes into English text, thereby allowing attorneys instant access to the written record during a proceeding. The court reporters must learn a conflict-free theory. They need to continuously build their dictionaries to ensure that names, places, and events will translate correctly. In many instances, the court reporter will need to “prep” before the proceeding begins by entering case-specific terminology into their job dictionary.
Realtime Reporting is a fantastic tool to help the hard-of-hearing individual as well. Many of the deaf and hard-of-hearing may find it helpful and easier to read the real-time text than to use ASL interpretation. Also, real-time reporting is used for the closed-captioning you see on most television programs.

Six Tips for Better Real-Time Translation:

  1. Provide your court reporter a caption/style of the case
  2. Provide your court reporter with a service list
  3. Provide your court reporter with a list of proper names
  4. Provide your court reporter with any unusual or technical spellings
  5. Advise the witness that one person should speak at a time
  6. If possible, use the same reporter throughout the discovery process. The court reporter’s translation and dictionary building gets better with each deposition

Immediate Rough Draft Transcripts (Additional charge/Notify while booking)

Rough Draft Transcripts: There are instances where the need arises during the discovery process of a case in which the attorney requires access to testimony quickly. Rough draft ASCII transcripts are available upon request from our court reporters. When a rough draft transcript is provided, the attorney needs to be aware there may be discrepancies regarding page and line numbers when compared with the final transcript. Additionally, clients need to be aware that the uncertified rough draft transcript may contain untranslated steno, an occasional reporter’s note, misspelled proper names and/or nonsensical English word combinations. All such entries are corrected in the final certified transcript prepared by the certified court reporter.


  • eTranscript (RealLegal PTX files)
  • PDF Formatted Transcripts (Condensed and Full)
  • Exhibits scanned in PDF format (Original exhibits mailed back to your office)


  • Large Conference Room (Seats 6 – 8 comfortably)
  • Copying, Scanning, Faxing available
  • Meeting room available for pre-deposition meetings
    (Pre-booking required/Additional fee applies.)